Monday, February 09, 2009

Death and Taxes -- updated

They may be inevitable -- but there's no reason we have to like them.

I've tried to keep most of my politics out of this blog -- but Governor Beshear's current call to raise the state alcohol tax to 17% (which would make it one of the highest in the nation) is downright ridiculous.

If you're a Kentucky resident and you actually enjoy buying spirits at a reasonable price, give a buzz to your state reps and the governor's office.

Kevin Keith at Liquor Direct has a good take here. I like Kevin's suggestion -- get rid of all the damned dry counties. Why should preachers and bootleggers have all the fun?

UPDATE -- per K2...the alcohol tax increase passed the House 66-34. I never thought I'd root for the Kentucky GOP to do anything, but here's hoping it crashes in the Senate. What an upside-down world we're in...

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