Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Earthquake Relief Tasting -- UPDATE

K2 at DEP’s Fine Wine and Spirits has organized a Japanese beer & sake tasting this Friday, March 18th. DEP’s is donating a matching amount from their tasting fees to the Red Cross. I assume there will be additional donation opportunities, as well.

From K2 himself:

I am putting together a special, just announced sake and Japanese beer tasting Friday, March 18th from 4-8 pm at our Fort Thomas location.  We will be featuring beers from Sapporo and Orion, as well as 6 incredible craft sakes.  This tasting has been evolving over the course of the day so more info is to come.

The normal $2 tasting fee will be an automatic donation to the Red Cross Japanese Earthquake/Tsunami Relief fund.  We will also be accepting additional donations on their behalf (though we hope to have Red Cross representatives present for the tasting).

I’ll be there! Hope to see you there!

UPDATE from K2:

Our 6 sakes are: Ozeka Hana Akawa Sparkling Sake, Hakushika Fresh and Lite Nama Sake, Tozai Snow Maiden Nigoru, Tentaka Kuni "Hawk in the Heavens", Kikumasamune Taru Cedar Sake, and Kurokame Shochu.

Catering by Jeff Thomas, featuring Szechwan Julienne Veggie Wraps, Thai BBQ Chicken Satay, Teriyaki Flank Steak sliders and Tuna Tartare in Phyllo.

Matt is also working on Food demos from some of our vendors, and we have beers from Orion and Sapporo. $2 tasting fee will go to Red Cross + will take additional donations. It's coming together.

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k2 said...


Thanks for the shout! To add on, we've got Jeff Thomas catering lined up to provide hors d'ouevres. And yes, ample opportunities to donate.