Friday, June 27, 2008


A post to take care of some much-needed housekeeping...

First off, The Vine would like to welcome Recoil Magazine to our print outlets out there. Grand Rapids will never be the same. Recoil's online version focuses on news satire (which, these days, largely needs very little help...) and commentary, so check them out.

A couple of friends have started their own online ventures and I'd like to give them a shout.

First off, David Lazarus -- one of the most knowledgeable folks about wine I know and generous host for the Sunday Salon in February -- has started writing about his experiences. His blog, Too Many Good Wines, Not Enough Time -- is running commentary on his own wide-reaching wine experiences.

Also, a recently relocated-to-Cincinnati couple whom I know are starting a pretty ambitious project: Cincy Eats A to Z. Their mission? In their own words: "Eating our way through the Cincinnati metro area, letter by letter." For more details, see their about page. A wonderfully ambitious project.

And, sadly, one of our benefactors has closed its doors. The Durham Flyer has pulled up stakes. Thanks to all the folks there for the opportunity.

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